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CX Experts Share their top tips to motivate their teams

by Neil Copping from on 27th July 2015.

It’s no secret that if you want your customers to have a fantastic experience, you need to give your employees a great experience too – we all know the saying happy staff = happy customers!

As a customer experience leader, I’m sure you’ve got a bag of tricks up your sleeve when it comes to motivating your team, but if you’re looking for a few new ideas, have a read of some of the insider tips I gleaned from our network of CX experts.

Anne Blackburn, Customer Experience Director at Sidona Group, suggested:
“Catch people doing the right things every day! The more you praise positive behaviours & actions the more they will be repeated & the rest of the team will see what is expected of them.  You can never give enough positive feedback.  Staff then feel valued & make your customers feel valued. Ensure positive customer feedback is immediately fedback to staff as quickly as negative feedback usually is.”

Andy Wand, Business Development Director at MaritzCX shared his three golden motivational rules:

  1. Leave the politics and ego at the door – it’s not about YOU.
  2. Don’t be dismissive about ideas. The next one could just be the one that will make the deal. If you dismiss ideas others will stop putting them forward.
  3. Be supportive and encouraging – at midnight tomorrow after working 15 hours solid – you would want someone to encourage you!

And finally, Roddy Temperley – Global Head of Human Resources at SDL said:
“Employees who take pleasure from what they do will naturally provide a better experience to the customer.  Engaged employees are loyal, and loyalty, if correctly channelled, leads to increased productivity which, in turn, leads to a better customer experience and ultimately improved company performance. My top tips for motivating staff to achieve this would be:

  • It’s critically important to find out what your employees think, but you must also let the employees know you’re listening.
  • Your employees have to know that their work is meaningful and valuable so it’s important to give recognition where it’s due.
  • Culture in the workplace is key. Find out what really motivates your employees and reflect these values in your initiatives and communications to reinforce and embed them.”

Entering business awards can be very motivating for your employees too. Customer Experience Magazine is proud to partner a series of business awards in customer experience. We regularly hear from CX professionals who have entered awards and discovered how celebrating your successes can really boost your teams’ morale and motivation too!

Simply compiling and submitting your written entry can be motivation in itself – the application process provides an opportunity to reflect on your successes and clarify the results that have been delivered via your projects. This can be a real motivator and pat on the back for everyone involved.

Letting the world know you’re a finalist is a great way of making everyone involved feel proud!

Preparing your presentation and for your Q&A with the judges really brings the team together to share in the excitement and anticipation.

Delivering your presentations and hearing from other finalists builds a shared understanding of best practice in how the customer experience links to organisational performance.

Celebrating at the Awards Finals – the experience of attending an Awards ceremony can in itself be a fantastic way to enhance team spirit and improve future productivity. And the suspense of waiting to hear if you’ve won can be a real bonding experience!

Preparing a plan in response to your feedback report. Responding as a team to the view of the judges on your strengths and opportunities, provides yet another way of motivating those involved, building a sense of team and shared purpose and reviewing how you can improve next time.

So, what are you waiting for? With the recent launch of the UK Digital Experience Awards, why not give your colleagues the recognition they deserve for all their hard work…

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