11 Effective Ways to Delight Your Customers

Customers will always appreciate it when you make them feel special and show that you cherish them. When it comes to delighting your customers, there are more ways than one in which you can do this. In fact, there are at least 11 of them! Read on for our practical, actionable tips on how to delight your customers. 

1. Always be there for your customers

Nobody likes having to wait five days for an answer to an inquiry, or not hearing back from a call centre to resolve an issue. Be prompt with your replies, never leave customers waiting, and focus on solving a problem as quickly as possible. Also, be available with your customer support 24/7 (if possible), or at least during the better half of the day. 

2. Talk to them on social media

Be as active as possible on social media, but don't forget this - being active doesn't  mean checking how many new followers you have and answering your DMs. It's much, much more than that. Engage with people in comments, ask questions, create polls, start a new topic, tag people and thank them for being your customers, etc. Keep the conversation going. 

3. Regularly ask them for feedback  

In order to help customers solve a problem, you first have to know what their problems are. And since this is prone to change, it's good to ask customers for feedback regularly; you can then use the feedback to improve your offer. Ask them whether they are happy with your services, what they like, what they would change, what they would like to see more of, etc. This will help you offer them much more.

4. Fill your newsletter with goodies

The newsletter is not just a channel through which you throw a bunch of offers and deals at your customers. Don't treat it as such, because it will only get people to unsubscribe! Instead, provide a lot of value upfront: craft educational content with links to useful webpages or online resources, and never ever force readers to buy. Your newsletter should be something your customers look forward to and enjoy reading. 

5. Celebrate big dates together

Whether it's a big company date, such an important anniversary, or a holiday, or simply a day you want to mark in some way - celebrate it together with your customers. Send them a handwritten thank-you note, a personalised video message or a gift, showing how much you care. Customers will appreciate when they are seen as part of your greater "tribe", and a sense of belonging will keep them close to your company.

6. Offer freebies and incentives

People love getting things for free; that's just human nature. But when you give something free to your customers and ask for nothing in return, it's also a sign of goodwill, showing that you are not only interested in taking their money. Always have a lot of freebies on your website (ebooks, brochures, guides, etc.) and offer good incentives, such as discounts for referrals or promotional periods free of charge. 

7. Write a case study about them

A well-written case study can show happy customers and present how exactly you helped them solve a problem. Describing the problem and then offering your solution will help solidify your reputation in the market and present your company as a go-to problem solver. Of course, before you start writing the case study, be sure to ask the customers in question for permission to talk about them. You can also offer something in return, as an incentive, to thank them further.

8. Have them as a podcast guest

Do you have a podcast and, if not - why not? Podcasts are all the rage right now, but they are actually very effective for promoting your services. One of the best ways to promote your business this way is to invite regular, return customers as your guests. They can talk about how they found your business, what made them work with you and how you helped them. And it's also a huge honour being invited and spotlighted as a podcast guest!

9. Organise regular giveaways 

We mentioned how people love getting stuff for free. Well, giveaways are just that, but with an added sense of competition, which can be lots of fun! You can organise giveaways for particular dates, such as holidays, or introduce them regularly, for example, once a month, and ask customers to engage by answering a question, sending a creative answer such as a drawing, video message, etc. Stir up your community and let them enjoy themselves a bit. They will love you more for it!

10. Create a loyalty programme for the most loyal

When someone is your customer for a year, two years or five years, it means they get a lot of value from you and that they have a reason to stay. And you should reward this. You can gamify the customer experience by giving extra points for each subsequent purchase, with a bonus after a certain number of purchases. Also, offer lifetime access to a few of your services, unlock new features for premium sign-ups, etc.

11. Invite them to a company event

When you organise a company event (be it online or in-person), you can invite a few of your most loyal, return customers as guests. It will show a lot of respect and genuine affection from your side. You can send them a personalised invitation, thanking them for being loyal customers and asking them to join your event. This can be an informal cocktail party on Zoom, a meet-up in a local coffee shop, or a full-size gala ceremony. Whatever suits you and your customers best!