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Finalists’ tickets allow entrants, their teams and their guests to attend the CXA® Finals and Ceremony.

Please note that this will be the only way to attend these events, as they will not be available on YouTube© this year.

In 2020, a survey conducted by Kantar revealed that our judges and finalists rated our LIVE Online awards experience as highly as if they had been at Wembley like in the previous editions.

This year, we continue to innovate and improve even further the quality and professionalism of the online experience.

Finalists’ Ticket price includes exclusive access to the full features and benefits of the event on October 7th & 14th .

At the Finals on October 7th , ticketholders will have:

  Access to up to 200 live presentations from other finalists
  Networking opportunity through the Awards Manager software and access to the full attendee list
  The chance to participate in the panels and discussions taking place with our hosts and guests throughout the day

At the Awards Ceremony on October 14th , tickets will include:

  Attendance to the CXTrendTalksTM and awards warm-up, where ticketholders will be able to hear from the world’s top leaders in CX and join in the live panel discussion
  Attendance to the LIVE Online awards ceremony with keynote speaker, games and afterparty
  Networking shuffle during the awards ceremony (professional “speed dating” with awards ceremony attendees)
  Winners' announcement with an opportunity for the gold winners to give an acceptance speech
  Trophy with your company’s logo for each category you win
  Winner’s Certificate with a link to the winners’ database
  Customised winner’s logos
  Winners announcement on the awards website
  Email announcement to the Awards International database of over 25K subscribers.


After the Awards:

  Invitation to become a member of The Judge Club
  Access to Awards International’s exclusive post-event networking meeting
  Access to the video library with the recording of all open finalists’ presentations and the CXTrendTalks™ presentations.

Finalist’s Ticket Prices

Standard prices

5 attendees £1199
10 attendees £1799
20 attendees £2199

Micro businesses, which are not entering on behalf of a large client are entitled to a 20% discount on Finalist’s ticket prices. For details contact kristina@awardsinternational.com

All prices are net of VAT

To book your finalists tickets log in to your Awards Manager account

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