Meet the Judges

We are proud of our judges. This page is updated regularly. Come back and check it out from time to time.

Many judge for us regularly, each year and at other awards. Many will be new. 

All our judges apply to judge. This commitment is vital to the credibility of awards and to ensuring a balanced and independent approach.

Judges are selected based on their experience and qualification. We aim to have large panels of independent businessmen and women, enabling us to allocate a reasonable number of entries to each judge to ensure that the evaluation is thorough.

If you are interested to find out more about judging at these Awards, please see the Apply to Judge page.

Edward Croft Baker

Managing Partner

Kat Smart

Customer Service Manager

Kathryn Simons

Customer Centricty Specialist EMEAR

Ash Cripps

Service Quality Manager

Yvette Wise

Sales Director

Jean-Francois Damais

Chief research Officer, Ipsos Loyalty

Michelle Ansell

Managing Partner

Rob Ettridge

Partner/ Director, Client Services

Stewart Pattinson


Gordon Rimmer

Director of Marketing

Virginia Monk

Managing Director

Peter Ainley-Walker


Emma Wardle

Director, Customer Service and Complaints

Stephen Hewett

Founding Director, Adviser & Creator of NetCNS.

Maggie Colman

Training Director

Hina Sharma

Head of communication - Europe

Michelle Peel


Mark Walton

Vice President, Europe

John Giddings

Customer Operations Director

Rachel Haworth

Customer Experience Director

Michael Duff

Managing Director

Neil Kelley

Head of Fraud Operations

Neil Davies

Customer Contact Lead

Matt Studholme

General Manager

Sarah Sargent

UK Director of Customer Experience

Robert Isaac

Managing Director

Gary Jackson

Group Director of Communications & Customer Success

James O'Connor

Director, CX Council

Nigel Cates

Head of Service Recovery

Valerie Howe

Customer Experience Director

Olga Potaptseva

Customer Experience and Insight Director

Mark Squires

Managing Director

Amjad Khan

Customer Service Enhancement Lead

Lorraine Day

OPERATIONS DIRECTOR EMEA Customer Experience B2B Teleservices

Amanda Riches

Director, Professional Services

Maxine Smith


Rob Dermott


Emma Barrett-Hoey

Founder & Director

David Reid


Wendy Tulloch

Business Solutions Lead

Phil Durand

Director, Customer Experience Management

Sue Duris

Director, Marketing and Customer Experience

Nikolina Zecic

Head of CEE Digital Collaboration

Warren Cowan

CEO & Founder

Diane Falconer

Regional Manager

Vicky Smith


Christina Liciaga

Head of Customer Service

Peter Milligan


Adam Elliott


John White

Consulting Director, Customer Experience

Jamie Thorpe

Commercial Director, Customer Experience

Olga Wormald

Company Director

Russ Leighton

Manager, Customer Operations

Stephen Parry

CEO and Business Author

Laura Bowyer

Head of Customer Excellence

Dean Williams


Iain O’Connor

Senior Manager – Customer Experience & Insight

Simon Green, CXXP

Strategy Director, Global - Shell Retail

Paul Carter

Managing Director, CX Talent Acquisition

Brian Ford

Board Director - Customer Experience, Services & Support

Nik Halton

Business Solution Lead

Sarah Beams

Development Director

Neil Greenwood

Claims Customer Journeys Manager

Abhishek Verma

Senior Director –Digital