The Categories

This year we have 22 categories aimed at organisations who love their customer and want to increase their engagement, reputation, and turnover. Entries can be from individuals and/or organisations, as well as those companies who have partnered with other businesses to ensure an effective customer experience. The categories cover sector, discipline and people specific areas to ensure that SMEs, large corporations and individuals can all benefit from the recognition the awards bring. There is no limit to the number of categories any one person or organisation can enter.

Best financial services - banking & investment

This category is aimed at those banking and investment organisations, both large and small, who have shown a vested interest in improving their customer experience and can demonstrate the benefits this has brought for both their clients and the company.

Best financial services - Insurance

Entrants into this category will be insurance companies who have implemented dedicated methods for enhancing customer experience and can demonstrate the overall benefit this has had for the organisation and, most importantly, its customers.

Best contact centre - large

Entries for this category are welcomed from contact centres in excess of 100 employees that are used by organisations to manage their customer contact successfully. Whether this through telephone, e-mail, newsletters, face to face interactions, or increasingly social platforms and online chat.

Best Contact centre – Small

This category is for contact centres with 100 employees or less who help organisations manage their customer experience through various channels including, but not limited to, telephone, e-mail, newsletters, face to face interactions, or increasingly social platforms and online chat.

Best Hospitality, Leisure and Travel

For those businesses sitting within the hospitality, leisure and travel industry who have exhibited positive strategies to enhance their customer experience while bringing added value to their organisation.

Best International business

This category is aimed at any organisation trading outside of the UK and with a presence in two or more territories. They will be able to demonstrate a successful customer experience strategy that has generated positive results.

Best Technology & Telecoms

Organisations in the technology or telecoms sectors that have successfully used these areas to improve customer experience and satisfaction. They will demonstrate how they have been instrumental in making advances in the fields of customer engagement.

Best Transport & Logistics

This category is for those companies working within the transport and logistics sector with an innovative CX strategy that has improved their organisation and customer experience. This will be demonstrated by their positive results.

Best Utilities

Entrants into this category will be the utility organisations who have demonstrated outstanding customer experience. These companies will have introduced a CX initiative and be able to show the impact and benefits their strategy has had for their customers and their company.

Best Health & wellbeing

Whether working in such professions as medical, fitness, or safety, this category is for anyone who supports and ensures the health, protection and well-being of their customers. This will be demonstrated through any training, innovations or methods used that have displayed positive results in CX.

Best Education

This category is aimed at education establishments such as universities, colleges, and other training institutions who have put initiatives in place to ensure a successful customer experience within the learning environment.

Best customer experience training

Any organisations that offer customer experience training or those who have put a training initiative in place. Companies will show how implementing these initiatives transform customer experience for themselves or others.

Best Business change & transformation

Delivering great customer experience through change and/or transformation of the organisation. This organisation will understand the needs of their customer and adapt accordingly to deliver a successful new or updated CX strategy.

Best Customers at the heart of everything

One of our most popular categories. This category showcases organisations who ensure that at every step of the way, customers are at the forefront of their thinking. Whether that is through the use of technology, staff training, or implementing something that your customers have specifically asked for. Whatever the strategy, heightened CX will be the measurable result.

Best Customer-centric culture

This category is for organisations who have been able to create a customer centric-culture which is delivering improved business results.

Best Employee engagement

Through the implementation of inspirational learning and development programs, these organisations have delivered highly engaged teams, all of whom have gone on to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Best Engaging the customer online

This category is for companies or individuals who are delivering a great customer experience through online media and can present strong results on how it has dynamically improved their customer experience and the profitability of their organisation.

Best Use of insight & feedback

Entries are welcomed from organisations that use customer insight and feedback in an innovative way to gain a competitive advantage. Whether they provide feedback applications or learn from their reviews, they will have a successful strategy that leads to the improvement of customer satisfaction and performance.

Best New improved product or service

Entrants will showcase the positive impact that a new product, or the enhancement of an old system, has had on the organisation’s customer experience and profitability. This category is particularly good for those companies who have partnered together to enhance CX.

CX professional of the year

This category is for individuals who have shown outstanding leadership, innovation, and/or commitment to the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.

CX professional woman of the year

Entries will be from individual women who have shown outstanding leadership, innovation, and/or commitment to the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.

CX team of the year

This category is for the teams who have demonstrated outstanding commitment, application, passion and focus, and have made an exceptional contribution to their organisation's customer experience.

Overall Customer Experience Winner

The overall winner is the entry with the highest score this is entered by all finalists and is decided at the finals. The overall winner will be presented as part of the awards ceremony.